"We're all working together; that's the secret." (Sam Walton)

Teamwork is key

In legal matters, as in many others, cooperation constitutes the most fruitful approach. Therefore, for Leeuwenroos the execution of an assignment does not entail the performance of a one man show but the carrying out of activities aiming to serve best the interests of the client in the concrete circumstances, such in coordination with the client involved. After all, first and foremost a client benefits from practical and pragmatic advice and deeds, and not so much from extensive reflections of a theoretical character.

Leeuwenroos has a comprehensive network (lawyers, civil notaries, accountants, tax advisors, consultants etc.) which can be called upon if that would be of added value for the client. The best of all worlds is what Leeuwenroos wants to offer, and such with an appealing quality/price ratio.

Leeuwenroos offers support on a variety of legal areas and does so on the basis you determine, whether it be a continuous relationship, an interim relationship or activities related to a specific project. Leeuwenroos can for example be of assistance in assessing/drafting contracts and/or general terms and conditions, liability cases, damage compensation claims and corporate law issues.

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