"Common sense often makes good law." (William O. Douglas)

What can Leeuwenroos do for you?

Leeuwenroos provides legal support to businesses - big or small - and entrepreneurs. When they find themselves confronted with a problem or a challenge of a legal nature, Leeuwenroos can be of assistance to them in a multitude of ways, for instance by conducting research, giving advice, corresponding, issueing a liability notice or a notice of default, attending meetings/negotiations, drafting documents etc. Leeuwenroos also provides flexible capacity to parties active in the legal profession, for instance by filling in a temporary absence of a co-worker or by providing additional working power for the realization of a project or for the duration of a certain time frame.

Leeuwenroos is active on a range of legal areas, amongst which are contract law, corporate law and liability law. Leeuwenroos can also be asked to supply a second opinion in a certain matter or to provide an advice on the (im)possibilities to appeal against a judgment rendered. As you see, Leeuwenroos can support you on many terrains and in many ways, and it is up to you to decide on which basis Leeuwenroos performs its activities on your behalf (continuous relationship, interim relationship, project related).

Leeuwenroos offers support on a variety of legal areas and does so on the basis you determine, whether it be a continuous relationship, an interim relationship or activities related to a specific project. Leeuwenroos can for example be of assistance in assessing/drafting contracts and/or general terms and conditions, liability cases, damage compensation claims and corporate law issues.

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